There has always been Spiritual Healing; it is the link between the Creator and mankind. As it has been in existence for countless thousands of years it cannot be claimed to be the monopoly of any one religion - it is universal in its application.

The spiritual healer works regardless of the colour, class or creed of the recipient. Healing energy from the Divine Source, however we view it, flows through the healer to restore the balance and wholeness of the individual, the healer simply acting as a channel.

When we are ill, we have lost our way, lost our balance, and we are not at ease with ourselves. This 'dis-ease' can manifest in many ways – mental, physical or emotional. As an example, fear and stress will ultimately show in physical symptoms; in such cases Spiritual Healing can help us face the fear and understand it, or perhaps find a way to deal with the cause of the stress.

During ‘Contact’ or ‘Hands-on’ Healing some may feel the energy from the healer’s hands as a warm glow, others as a coldness or perhaps as a slight vibration. Sometimes there may be no physical sensation at all; it is, however, usual for a healing session to be followed by a feeling of peace and general well-being.

The recipient's condition may be completely relieved at the first contact, but more often the condition will gradually improve during a sequence of visits. Many report a reduction in the intensity and frequency of pain with regular healing.

Spiritual Healing is not an 'Alternative' therapy; it is truly complementary to more orthodox forms of treatment. No-one is discouraged from seeing their doctor nor from following medical advice. They are advised not to vary medicine without their doctor's agreement. For many years healers have been permitted to treat patients in hospitals where patients have requested it. There is also a growing number of medical practitioners who have recognised the value of healing, and some who have healers working alongside them in their surgeries.

Spiritual Healing can help the speed of the recovery after serious illness or from surgery or from the effects of treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation. It works well in conjunction with all forms of holistic medicine and with the new approaches to cancer. Unlike some treatment and therapies, Spiritual Healing has the great advantage of not causing any harmful side effects.

It may be helpful to understand that healing is not necessarily curing. Perhaps a person is having to face an illness in order for the soul to learn a lesson, before being able to go forward in the fullness of life. In such cases healing can do much to improve the person's ability to cope with the difficult experience.

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