Due to Government instructions about COVID-19,
the walk-in Clinic in Cedar Hall (Ruskin House) is currently closed

During the suspension of the Croydon Healing Clinic’s Tuesday sessions,
the healers invite you to join them in thinking of those in need,
at 12 midday every Tuesday.

Click here for details of the Tuesday Distant Healing link with your healers

In order to continue the work of the Clinic, in addition to the Tuesday Distant Healing link
we are now offering 15 minute individual Distant Healing sessions with a Clinic healer, by appointment.

For further details and to book your appointment, please ring the Secretary on 020 8688 1751
for a choice of dates and times when this is available.

We suggest you arrange to be seated comfortably a few moments before the time of the appointment
to be ready to receive your healing.

Our normal Distant Healing Service is still available for people and animals wherever they are – in this country or overseas
Details from the Secretary: 020 8688 1751

Details of all services:

020 8688 1751